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Josef Burger Bar


Josef burger.png

Josef’s classic burger from Josef Burger Bar is a decent hamburger. It’s a serviceable burger with plenty of mouthfuls of common flavor that are overshadowed by an off-putting construction that tips the hamburger’s burger taste balance towards bread. It is a burger for which an obese amount of some ingredients suddenly takes over to deliver a messy burger experience. Thus, the ensuing burger struggle, unbalanced taste, and awkward construct places Josef’s burger a little above mediocre.

The first bites of the burger are defined by pure bread, followed by some salad and sauce – loads of sauce, if for anything, this is one saucy burger. It’s all optional though, as this is a hamburger one can pick and choose for. It won’t be until a few mouthfuls when one finally has a chance to taste the double beef patties… The buildup would not have been more exciting if it took one more bite of bread to reach, but it wasn’t; the result is a decently flavored meatloaf beef patty, without a strong taste of clean meat and a mixture of other ingredients. And as one might expect from an overtly seasoned patty, a somewhat rubbery texture.

The rest of the ingredients are experienced in parting bouts, as they appear and disappear from the burger while one contests to keep it together. The sauce intermixture of cream with a large dollop of BBQ and sprinkled coriander and chopped onion freshly explodes from within, engulfing the burger and one’s fingers in a zesty ridden mess – delivering more taste than one would appreciate from any of these. The vegetables – the tomatoes and the lettuce, are crisp and tasty, but one is left with the arduous role of forcing these in place in order to enjoy a three star rating burger taste balance.

This isn’t a bad hamburger, once you figure out to break and reposition the patties as to cover the whole area of the bun; which by the way, has a splendorous spongy feel and taste to it. But the whole process of reconstructing the burger and mediocre ingredients detract from the overall hamburger experience, taking away from its enjoyment.

For NIS 58.00 (HKD 125.50) Josef’s burger is actually worth a try if you’re in the area and desperate for a hamburger. The fries are alright. It’s a neat little experience – enjoying a burger in one of the world’s oldest cities, that like the burger, has been built, destroyed, and rebuilt several times over.

Josef Burger Bar
123 Agripas,

+972 77-527-7070

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Gilbert’s Burger & Fries

Mr. President 7 oz. Burger

Mr. President 7oz Burger

Gilbert's Burgers & Fries

Gilbert’s Burger, the Mr. President, is a majestic burger. This personable burger, with a name to reflect aspirations of hamburger greatness and an inconsequentially humble menu descriptor, is sure to instill a long lasting burger impression; the discourse delivered by this burger’s burger taste balance and burger construction demonstrates charisma, it shows burger expertise… every bite, every touch, every taste of this burger is one vote towards a momentous hamburger experience that will draw out one’s burger inspirations, that will emote hamburger pride, that’ll promote burger greatness in both Seoul and the world.

As the burger arrives, under a cool green light that radiates from a confounding slogan that claims ‘green is hotter than red’ and with only word-of-mouth views of satisfaction towards this burger joint, an eager wait is filled with prodigious contemplation as lungs are suffused with burger elation, eyes inspired with hamburger aesthetics, and taste drenched in a tremendous burger taste balance – the deliverance onto one’s senses become an eloquent pleasure to ingest from a succinct range of profoundly rich ingredients.

The teamwork represented in the components is impeccable, with the greens as the burger’s only slight drawback – not having had a chance to comfort in, the veggies are too cold for the rest of the burger. It won’t matter much though, as the romaine lettuce is crisp and lush, the tomato firm and juicy, and the chunk of red onion surprisingly subtle; beyond that, the rest of the ingredients gleam in brilliance. The beef is assertively tasty – each articulately teared mouthful is a passionate embrace of beef, of a patty that is smartly seasoned and expressively juicy. The bacon, with an unyielding reddish-brown that looks and feels brittle to an easy crumble, manages to rouse the meat experience with its baconesque saltiness.

The burger construction and its different textures are marvelous – staged to a stability of enjoyment, everything is kept in place with minimum spillage. The cheese is fruitful with a grading sharp cheddary taste, and bears an exciting earthy texture that melts itself in exquisite particles; the bread is select and supple, appetizing and able, carrying the burger and a hearty sesame leave-behind. The horse radish mustard mayonnaise is present without being domineering, and the fries are good.

For 12,500 KRW (84.00 HKD) this is a burger one has to elect to try; found in the heart of Seoul, lacking any sort of burger localization, this is a hamburger that will deliver on all its burger promises, one that can rightfully be called the Mr.프레지던트.

Gilbert’s Burgers & Fries
545-3 Shinsa-Dong
Seoul, Korea
 +82 02 546 5453
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The Taproom at Dubsdread

Steakhouse Burger

Steakhouse Burger

The Taproom at Dubsdread

The Steakhouse Burger from The Taproom at Dubsdread is an exquisite burger. Permeated in a single palette of warm earth-tones, from white to yellow to orange-brownish and black, the burger’s first conviction doesn’t appear to be an enlivened one; without the tints of green, red, and even purple – the burger, at first glance, is a rather banal one. Then, the first nibble, a congress of mostly blond ingredients that form the burger taste balance suddenly become an interesting mouthful, an enjoyable experience to the senses.

The hamburger’s burger taste balance and burger construct has looked upon the primary components of a burger, the meat and bun, bypassing any touch of pastoral freshness to deliver a swell burger. Coming face to face with the burger, in order to reach the bacon and the beef patty, one will have to confront a thick viscous shroud of cheese with a not-too-sharp but waxy trait, a delectable cheese that at times can feel overloaded. Soon after what follows the cheese is a well embodied beef patty with a great untouched beef taste that has been well taken care off, a patty that easily tears to release a full load of meat juices that drip onto the bun; a bun that feels springy to the touch and complements the burger in both a grilled semi-charred taste and construction, that maintains a structure despite the tasty meat juices and burger sauce running down the chin of the burger.

The bacon, visually lost inside the blanket of the cheese, creates fantastic salty glimpses onto one’s tongue; tasty and brittle, it is a nice addition to the burger whose crunchiness nicely complements the only ‘true’ vegetable in the hamburger. Crispy onions have been stacked onto the cheese for a savory treat, a section that adds some crackle to the burger, it can feel somewhat lonesome without any other greens. The horseradish sauce has a good sweet tangy flavor to it, but it misses the piercing bitterness that usually accompanies the root. The onion rings and fries are good.

This is a pretty great burger for 13.50 USD, even though one might prefer to have a little more color within the expanses of the plate the burger does a fine job befitting its name as a ‘Steakhouse burger’ as the meats within befall to be the most savorous components inside the burger.

The Taproom at Dubsdread
549 West Par Street
Orlando, FL 32804
+1 407-650-0100
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LongHorn Steakhouse

Primetime burger

Primetime burger

LongHorn SteakhouseThe Primetime Burger, with meat piled on top of more meat, is an exquisite burger; served with glorious prime rib shavings on top of a half pound beef patty, it’ll satiate any meat cravings you had the moment you walked into LongHorn.

As you bring the hamburger towards your burgerhole the first thing to notice is a delightful scent, a surrounding burger waft that will protrude beyond your lips and nostrils allowing you to flavor the burger before the sweet embrace of your tongue, an embrace that culminates in a well balanced burger taste that for a moment made this exquisite burger a majestic one. However, as I moved forward I began to be confronted by a series of snags, that with each bite, belittled that majestic instant. The wonderfully juicy and tasty prime rib, a graceful winner in the battle of two meats, is a tender beefy avalanche that melts in your mouth, greatly adding to this burger; but it ain’t enough to make up for a dry patty that has been well done overcooked. The greens, fresh tomato and regular ol’ iceberg lettuce, played their parts well; the fried onions however, went beyond, not too strong, they were perfectly cooked to that spot were they begin to sweeten up.

The swiss cheese, not leaving a strong mark, its hardly worth mentioning. The bread, one of the main letdowns, tasted burned, not from the proud LongHorn brand mark, but from inside the bun; a sign, just like the patty, that it might have been carelessly left a little too long on the grill. Even more of a let down was the moment when it became apparent that the burger would not hold its shape to the last straw; as the bun began to tear, the burger began to fall – a struggle to keep the burger together ensued a few bites before the end. The french fries, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, were amazing.

LongHorn steakhouse, a spot where you can act out your texas cowboy rancher fantasies, is a great place to visit, a place with good food and good steaks. I’ve been there enough times to know that the minor drawbacks I encountered shouldn’t have happened… it’ll have to be seen on the next encounter.

LongHorn Steakhouse
3118 Daniels Rd
Winter Garden,
FL 34787
+1 407-654-0272
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The Crooked Spoon

The crooked spoon burger

The crooked spoon burger

The Crooked Spoon QR

The crooked spoon burger, found near Orlando in Florida, U.S.A. is a fine hamburger. Its meagre presentation; with its kettle chips, crumpled bun, petit patty, and single green leaf, has little to say about the overall burger taste balance – which is, on its own quite exquisite. Yet, as welcoming as your taste buds might be to this burger, the greatest flaw, at least in my experience, comes from the beautiful story that the menu tells, artfully depicting the burger, which is, in the end, imperfectly delivered.

The Florida angus beef patty, with a delicious untouched beef taste, has a torrent of meat juices that flow from the patty to the absorbingly soft and delightfully chewy brioche bun. Accompanied by the buttery textured and richly palatable aioli, the beef the bun, and its tasty juices, adeptly spread through your tongue in a well balanced burger taste that is further enhanced by the fresh ‘spring mix’ – lettuce in layman’s terms. If only… if only the swiss cheese was a little more sharp, or if the chipotle aioli had a little more sting, or the sweet onion marmalade a little more lush, this might be a richer burger affair.

The crooked spoon burger is a sturdy hamburger albeit it crooked proportions; the angus beef patty, with a nice tear to it isn’t properly portioned to last until the end, and the meat juice soaking bun will hold its shape throughout but will at times engulf the burger with a feeling of too much bread. Additionally, perhaps more lavish portions of each of the terrific sounding ingredients would raise the level of this burger, providing a more consolidated burger experience. The kettle chips, are actually quite great. Be that as it may, when the blessed bond between a burger and its french fries is disrupted, you can’t fight a feeling of longing for the latter; especially when there is an extra charge (1.50 USD) to re-unite the two.

The crooked spoon is a good place to visit for a burger, although if you’re not near the Central Florida area it might be a little out of your way. Still, 12 bucks its not a bad deal for this exquisite burger, and i’d be interested in trying some of their other burgers.

The Crooked Spoon
200 Citrus Tower Blvd.
Clermont, FL 34711
+1 352 4004 7808
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