The Crooked Spoon

The crooked spoon burger

The crooked spoon burger

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The crooked spoon burger, found near Orlando in Florida, U.S.A. is a fine hamburger. Its meagre presentation; with its kettle chips, crumpled bun, petit patty, and single green leaf, has little to say about the overall burger taste balance – which is, on its own quite exquisite. Yet, as welcoming as your taste buds might be to this burger, the greatest flaw, at least in my experience, comes from the beautiful story that the menu tells, artfully depicting the burger, which is, in the end, imperfectly delivered.

The Florida angus beef patty, with a delicious untouched beef taste, has a torrent of meat juices that flow from the patty to the absorbingly soft and delightfully chewy brioche bun. Accompanied by the buttery textured and richly palatable aioli, the beef the bun, and its tasty juices, adeptly spread through your tongue in a well balanced burger taste that is further enhanced by the fresh ‘spring mix’ – lettuce in layman’s terms. If only… if only the swiss cheese was a little more sharp, or if the chipotle aioli had a little more sting, or the sweet onion marmalade a little more lush, this might be a richer burger affair.

The crooked spoon burger is a sturdy hamburger albeit it crooked proportions; the angus beef patty, with a nice tear to it isn’t properly portioned to last until the end, and the meat juice soaking bun will hold its shape throughout but will at times engulf the burger with a feeling of too much bread. Additionally, perhaps more lavish portions of each of the terrific sounding ingredients would raise the level of this burger, providing a more consolidated burger experience. The kettle chips, are actually quite great. Be that as it may, when the blessed bond between a burger and its french fries is disrupted, you can’t fight a feeling of longing for the latter; especially when there is an extra charge (1.50 USD) to re-unite the two.

The crooked spoon is a good place to visit for a burger, although if you’re not near the Central Florida area it might be a little out of your way. Still, 12 bucks its not a bad deal for this exquisite burger, and i’d be interested in trying some of their other burgers.

The Crooked Spoon
200 Citrus Tower Blvd.
Clermont, FL 34711
+1 352 4004 7808
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  1. jarrad says:

    Good to see you have gone international!

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