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Franny's BurgersThis place is all about burgers. Hamburgers of all shapes and sizes, ingredient combinations, and from all different places. From sliders to the colossi; from the more traditional bacon cheeseburgers to the ‘weird’ an unusual; from street stands and ‘hole in the wall’ places, to food chains and fancy schmancy restaurants.

According to my friends and family I pretty much only eat hamburgers. While this is not entirely true, I do eat a lot of burgers. I even keep a small burger journal in which I note down most of my burger experiences, many of which are from around the world. When it comes to burgers, not only do I make an effort to try new burger places in my area, Hong Kong, but when I visit new countries and cities i’ll always do some research to find and try the ‘best’ local burgers.

Every burger I try will have its own little place here, a space in which I will try to best describe my experiences and opinions with the world, one where I can rate different burgers in an attempt to find the best burger – this is what this site is about. I’m no expert and i’m not a foodie, and this is my first blog. But I’m hoping that you, the reader, appreciates what a simple guy that really enjoys burgers has to say on the matter – read some of my thoughts, if you enjoy what I write and get good burger tips then I hope you stick around, share your thoughts, and get in touch.

Oh and new reviews will be released every Friday, just in time for fat Friday!

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