The assessment

That old cliché ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ could not be more true than for burgers. As a whole, burgers can be a wonderful moment in one’s life embraced in a taste that can only be described as ‘burger’. Still, as the sum of its parts, each individual ingredient has a delicate role to play; as you take each bite and all the flavors intertwine with your senses creating that perfect burger taste, it is possible to distinguish, yet for an instant, that each distinct performer will be allowed its moment in the spotlight.

A great burger, just like a sensible life, is about maintaining balance – balance in both its taste and form. Observing the ‘burger taste balance’ none of the flavors should be as empowering as to overtake the rest, and none should be so weak that they pass unnoticed. For the ‘burger construction’, the construct should also be noteworthy; a burger should be powerful enough to hold its shape to the last bite, without having a lack in its makings or an excess of its key ingredients, bread or meat, at the finale.

When assessing a burger there are many constituents to factor in even before taking that magical first bite. One has to consider the locale and service, as well as the cost – it should go without saying that a burger in a fancy restaurant does not necessarily mean it’s commendable, just like a cheap burger does not necessarily mean its worthless. I believe that we need more creativity in this world, and as such I value when burgers deviate a little from the plan. Side dishes, just like music in a play, can make the burger encounter so much better. Like I said, there are many things to contemplate throughout each burger experience, but above all there is one thing, the taste – that wonderfully balanced ideal burger taste.

The rating system

With all that said, I’ve decided to use a simple and relatable burger ranking system here at Franny’s burgers. I’ve devised a structure based on five words, the idea is that each word should represent a certain feeling one might experience while indulging on a burger. I’ll try not to elaborate too much on the words, as I believe they should be used as guiding posts for your own experiences. The five words, from best to worst, are: majestic, exquisite, decent, edible, and repulsive.

Burger rating 1

The five words

Majestic, from majesty, these burgers appear few and far between, but when they do they will have a special place in your heart until you die. These burgers have been taken good care of and every detail has been carefully thought and crafted into a perfectly balanced and consistent taste.

Exquisite, these burgers will satisfy your longing for a good burger. They are well made and can hold their ground in terms of taste. You will be happy to return for more; still, next time you might think about trying something else on the menu, you won’t… but you considered it.

Decent, these burgers are satisfactory, like a C in your report card. These burgers are quite common and are most likely on the menu because someone thought ‘we should have a burger’; you might even feel like you’ve had the exact same burger somewhere else.

Edible, it looks like a burger but the taste is unbalanced, and it’ll leave you yearning for a burger. You are hungry so down it goes, but you probably should’ve ordered something else.

Repulsive, even the most beautiful objects can be butchered. These burgers are quite scarce, and with a taste so far away from ‘burger’ that it’ll haunt you forever. What could have been leaves you unfulfilled, cheated, and with a bad memory…

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