Corner Kitchen Cafe

Juicy Beef Burger

Juicy Beef Burger


The Juicy Beef Burger from Corner Kitchen Cafe is a decent hamburger. This dainty little burger, prepped inside a snug little corner kitchen, illustrates a burger taste balance that shoulders the genuine feel and care of an honestly humble home-made hamburger. Practical, simple, predictable, from the instant one’s hungry gaze comforts onto this hamburger, through the journey to the closing last bite, everything about this burger – ingredients, build, presentation, form a coalescent fervor of menial familiarity, a straightforward house hamburger.

A sturdy burger construction would not describe this burger’s demeanor, more so it becomes a sense of rife in one’s enjoyment. Moments after witnessing an angled inclination in the sheaf of ingredients, as one’s fingers begin to feel comfort with the body of this burger, and as the first bite takes over, a loss of semblance commences from within its depths, within its patty… To the burger’s suggestion, the patty is a juicy piece of meat that accommodates a modest beef palatableness seasoned with what feels as a befitting range of spices that just vaguely overwhelm; the patty’s massed texture and chunky crumble lead to fractures from its core, and within the first few bites a source of torment is given as one never truly knows if and when the meat will collapse.

The hamburger bun, aptly holding its shape as it takes in all the meaty juices, is a tasty toasted bread with a snug crunch – one which is bound by a stiff supple bounce that is too tenacious towards the patty. The lettuce, adding a hefty berth to the burger, and the tomato and caramelized onions, both sort of lost in the burger’s taste balance, drive a desire for better greenery in the burger. The cheese overflows its mild flavor playing well with the ingredients, even if it hints to a process; but its the bacon, with a hefty bacon flavor that overhangs in the burger along with a brittle chew, that gives this burger its congeniality. The special sauce is nice and spicy, and the fries turn out good.

For 125.00 HKD this burger is pretty pricey for a home-made hamburger – it is a simple everyday burger, a well known burger to anyone who has every had a house hamburger made for them by someone who’ll give little thought to a burger crafting process, a homely burger that most could comfortably make at home.

Corner Kitchen Cafe
226 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
+852 2547 8008
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One thought on “Corner Kitchen Cafe

  1. ariettehk says:

    I have created my own beef burger before with bacon as well. My main ingredient is the burger patty which I’ve just bought in a nearby supermarket. It’s tasty. But don’t you think, the taste of the burger also lies in the burger sauce? (Sigh) Don’t just settle for regular mayo and ketchup. You can stir together the mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, garlic powder, and pepper in a bowl. I’m really craving for beef burgers!

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