I’ll always say yes to a burger, especially on a Friday

Contact me if you have any comments, recommendations, or if you want to grab a burger. I’m always up for a burger, especially on a Friday. For some years now I’ve kept a weekly tradition called ‘Fat Friday’, which involves eating burgers on a Friday. So get in touch if you feel like a burger (and some ice cream… can’t have fat Friday without dessert).

You can e-mail me at franny@burgershk.com or leave a comment below.

One thought on “I’ll always say yes to a burger, especially on a Friday

  1. […] Many days and a couple of emails later we finally met at BLT Burger (and yes, Francisco ranked this burger as exquisite) to catch up on burgers, blogging and general life in Hong Kong. It was a nice and very informative dinner – we share a number of common interests and hence it was a no-brainer that I joined on of his ‘Fat Fridays’ which is a monthly gathering of industry experts to network. If you want to find out more about this, read the interview below and/or contact Francisco here. […]

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