I like burgers a lot

I like to think myself as a simple guy with a complex background. I was born in Ankara, Turkey to a Danish father and a Mexican mother, delivered by a doctor that suggested I should be named Tequila Kebab. My parents opted for a more unusual name reflecting my Danish-Mexican heritage, and came up with the combination of ‘Francisco Knud’. ‘Francisco’, which means man from France, was selected after my mother’s favorite grandmother; and ‘Knud’, which means kind, is after the man who made it possible for me to exist… The guy who reversed my dad’s vasectomy, who later became a family friend.

By now I’ve travelled some, and besides Turkey I’ve lived in a few other countries – Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Korea (South), Germany, and my current and favorite place of abode Hong Kong. If you ask me where I’m from I’ll always hesitate to answer; but if you ask me where home is I’ll answer wherever my loved ones are. After bouncing around a little I’ve discover that home is not so much a place, but more so the people that care the most about you.

But, as I mentioned – I’m a simple guy. I like airplanes and videogames, certain pretty ladies, and my favorite food is burgers… I love hamburgers, I have a passion for them. I go running everyday because I like burgers so much. I believe that when you bite into a wonderfully delicious burger, you’ll remember every single detail of that moment. You become part of something special, something grandiose. Like a musical coming together with that remarkable burger standing at center stage, and all you can do is join in song and dance. As you chow down and the ingredients twirl to the music of your teeth a feeling of euphoria overwhelms, and as the burger is about to take its final cue, ambivalence remains as a bittersweet instant in which the burger satisfies your tummy while departing your taste buds. So yeah… burgers are great.

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