LongHorn Steakhouse

Primetime burger

Primetime burger

LongHorn SteakhouseThe Primetime Burger, with meat piled on top of more meat, is an exquisite burger; served with glorious prime rib shavings on top of a half pound beef patty, it’ll satiate any meat cravings you had the moment you walked into LongHorn.

As you bring the hamburger towards your burgerhole the first thing to notice is a delightful scent, a surrounding burger waft that will protrude beyond your lips and nostrils allowing you to flavor the burger before the sweet embrace of your tongue, an embrace that culminates in a well balanced burger taste that for a moment made this exquisite burger a majestic one. However, as I moved forward I began to be confronted by a series of snags, that with each bite, belittled that majestic instant. The wonderfully juicy and tasty prime rib, a graceful winner in the battle of two meats, is a tender beefy avalanche that melts in your mouth, greatly adding to this burger; but it ain’t enough to make up for a dry patty that has been well done overcooked. The greens, fresh tomato and regular ol’ iceberg lettuce, played their parts well; the fried onions however, went beyond, not too strong, they were perfectly cooked to that spot were they begin to sweeten up.

The swiss cheese, not leaving a strong mark, its hardly worth mentioning. The bread, one of the main letdowns, tasted burned, not from the proud LongHorn brand mark, but from inside the bun; a sign, just like the patty, that it might have been carelessly left a little too long on the grill. Even more of a let down was the moment when it became apparent that the burger would not hold its shape to the last straw; as the bun began to tear, the burger began to fall – a struggle to keep the burger together ensued a few bites before the end. The french fries, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, were amazing.

LongHorn steakhouse, a spot where you can act out your texas cowboy rancher fantasies, is a great place to visit, a place with good food and good steaks. I’ve been there enough times to know that the minor drawbacks I encountered shouldn’t have happened… it’ll have to be seen on the next encounter.

LongHorn Steakhouse
3118 Daniels Rd
Winter Garden,
FL 34787
+1 407-654-0272
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