Brunch Club & Supper

Marie's home burger

Marie’s home burger

Brunch club & supperMarie’s home burger is an exceedingly decent hamburger. There isn’t much to say about this boring burger, and it doesn’t particularly stand out in any way. The ingredients in the burger aren’t exceptionally rich, and together they don’t amount to great heights; its juicy but not all that tasty, the burger taste balance is just… satisfactory. The patty, a little too thin for the hamburger, doesn’t convey an exceptional beef taste; and the bacon, with a rubbery chew to it, doesn’t dispense the saltines or fat needed for that divine breakfast bacon burp. I can only hope that the Angus cow and the pig enjoyed beautiful lives full of passion and excitement; cause in death, they sure tasted dull.

Breakfast, I mention breakfast because if anything, and if it’s any indication from the restaurant’s name, the burger feels like it could be a breakfast hamburger; the fried egg, the only one to leave a mark, makes it so – unfortunately, it’s not a burger special enough to be a worthy first meal of the day. The cheddar is so weak, you can’t enjoy a cheesy brunch; and the brioche bun so soft that it’ll give you a sense that it’s crumbling the instant you caress this burger. The vegetable salad is fair, but its purpose, indicated by the dressing and cherry tomatoes, is to be a salad, not a condiment. The potato wedges, a little hard on the inside, were just acceptable.

At 118.00 HKD I would expect the burger to have a much better taste; you are better off ordering a different breakfast option, or getting a burger elsewhere. I think Marie has to reconsider how much care she puts into her burger, at least she got the temperature right.

Brunch Club & Supper
First Floor
13 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2890 2125
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