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Gilbert’s Burger & Fries

Mr. President 7 oz. Burger

Mr. President 7oz Burger

Gilbert's Burgers & Fries

Gilbert’s Burger, the Mr. President, is a majestic burger. This personable burger, with a name to reflect aspirations of hamburger greatness and an inconsequentially humble menu descriptor, is sure to instill a long lasting burger impression; the discourse delivered by this burger’s burger taste balance and burger construction demonstrates charisma, it shows burger expertise… every bite, every touch, every taste of this burger is one vote towards a momentous hamburger experience that will draw out one’s burger inspirations, that will emote hamburger pride, that’ll promote burger greatness in both Seoul and the world.

As the burger arrives, under a cool green light that radiates from a confounding slogan that claims ‘green is hotter than red’ and with only word-of-mouth views of satisfaction towards this burger joint, an eager wait is filled with prodigious contemplation as lungs are suffused with burger elation, eyes inspired with hamburger aesthetics, and taste drenched in a tremendous burger taste balance – the deliverance onto one’s senses become an eloquent pleasure to ingest from a succinct range of profoundly rich ingredients.

The teamwork represented in the components is impeccable, with the greens as the burger’s only slight drawback – not having had a chance to comfort in, the veggies are too cold for the rest of the burger. It won’t matter much though, as the romaine lettuce is crisp and lush, the tomato firm and juicy, and the chunk of red onion surprisingly subtle; beyond that, the rest of the ingredients gleam in brilliance. The beef is assertively tasty – each articulately teared mouthful is a passionate embrace of beef, of a patty that is smartly seasoned and expressively juicy. The bacon, with an unyielding reddish-brown that looks and feels brittle to an easy crumble, manages to rouse the meat experience with its baconesque saltiness.

The burger construction and its different textures are marvelous – staged to a stability of enjoyment, everything is kept in place with minimum spillage. The cheese is fruitful with a grading sharp cheddary taste, and bears an exciting earthy texture that melts itself in exquisite particles; the bread is select and supple, appetizing and able, carrying the burger and a hearty sesame leave-behind. The horse radish mustard mayonnaise is present without being domineering, and the fries are good.

For 12,500 KRW (84.00 HKD) this is a burger one has to elect to try; found in the heart of Seoul, lacking any sort of burger localization, this is a hamburger that will deliver on all its burger promises, one that can rightfully be called the Mr.프레지던트.

Gilbert’s Burgers & Fries
545-3 Shinsa-Dong
Seoul, Korea
 +82 02 546 5453
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