Yonge Piggies (Closed)

Angus Beef Burger

Angus Beef Burger

YongePiggiesQRYonge Piggies’ Angus Beef Burger is an exquisite hamburger. A place notable for their dogs more than anything – Yonge piggies has decided to enter the burger arena; their ingress, a burger whose origins stem from the hot dog universe, is one, that while not the most boisterous, carries a robust burger taste balance that has great proportional ratios and provides the inspiration the satisfaction one needs to feel burger fulfilled.

The well rounded beef patty, with a sturdy texture that compels to each bite, has a muscly beef taste that is peppered with a burgeoning pepper seasoning that tingles with a slight spiced touch. More excitingly though is the would be chance of experiencing the unintentional splash of flavors from the dogs and chili that may be cooked in the immediate vicinity. That one meaty juicy bite, a lucky chance of a bite that treats two magnificent flavors into a burger to be enjoyed between one’s cheeks, is a joyful experience that is unfortunately not guaranteed across every burger, or even the expanse of a single hamburger.

Raised amongst the dogs, this burger goes through a similar process of fruition – one orders meat and bun, and can add a simple gooey cheese and a flimsily chewy but tasty bacon, and proceeds to a selection of condiments that range from raw greens and prepared foodstuff, to zesty relishes and rich sauces. Each additional item placed on the lower half of the naked bun that supports the patty strengthens the burger taste balance; yet, some ingredients designed to be held within a single bun piece adversely affect the burger’s integrity as they depart away into the distance – having to scrounge for remnants of tomato and onion to re-stuff the hamburger is not burger ideal.

The bun notions a wholesomeness taste that doesn’t come across its build. Inside the basic selection of chopped vegetables is quite rudimentary. The burger taste balance is lifted more so by the savory cooked onion and mushrooms that add a grand hint, and the southwest sauce that works to complement the existing pepper feel in the burger to create a pleasing picante semblance. The fries are good.

For 82.00 HKD this is a burger that one should try, and adding a slice of cheese and a strip of bacon for 6.00 HKD each isn’t too distressing. In the house of piggies, the cow has made a strong place for itself at the table.

Yonge Piggies
G/F, 1 Jervois Street,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong
+852 2104 7218
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