Tango Argentinean Steak House

Homemade Beef Burger

Homemade Beef Burger

Tango Quick Review

Tango’s Homemade Beef Burger is an exquisite Argentinean hamburger. The inarticulate plainness of the hamburger and the top elevation of the bun may cause the burger to be greeted with a sense of confoundment; upon the first bites it won’t take long to realize that the burger performs a beautiful tango piece as it’s embraced and partnered with one’s mouth, a playful flavor twirl that occurs as it touches the tongue, though not entirely flawless and with a couple of missteps, a twirl that demonstrates a rich burger taste balance that passionately dances into the stomach.

The beef patty, a precise measurement to the bun that some how seems to clasp its partners, clearly leads the burger taste balance in a star performance. In it there is an exquisite beef relish, a meaty Argentinean beef steak patty that has all the due bragging rights. Rich, juicy, thick and with a colorful pink brownness its only slip is its soft delicate texture that causes an outward spread that for an instant seems as to escape beyond the bun… It doesn’t; and even though the center might thin slightly, every bite is with both meat and bun. Still, the way the burger has been constructed does leave one’s burger fulfillment slightly unfulfilled, its not so much the composition of some of the ingredients but that some of the ingredients, particularly the bun, feel slightly colder than one would like them to be – perhaps a cold stone plate isn’t befitting.

The patty’s tasteful appearance and stumbling build is contrasted by the white bread, a bun that looks corpulent but compresses without breaking – it carries the hamburger to a graceful burger taste balance. The provolone cheese, a well fitted gown to the burger, adds a subtle cheesy savor flow to the ensemble; and the vegetables, fresh and crisp lettuce and tomato and piquant sliced red onion, all finely chopped for the betterment of their participation are proportioned as to indicate that most of the attention should be placed on the meat. Chimichurri, a delicious green sauce made with herbs, garlic and oil, has been harmoniously combined with mayonnaise for a much richer tang that elevates the overall burger experience. The fries are good though a bit garlicky.

For 138.00 HKD this is definitely a burger dance once should go and try. The cost not only includes a side but also a starter, the choice of a wonderful beef empanada means that one is able to enjoy a genuine Argentinian style ‘burger’ before the arrival of this exquisite hamburger. The name is unbefitting though, the burger should be proud of its Argentinean roots.

Tango Argentinian Steak House
1st Floor, Carfield Building,
77 Wyndham Street,
Hong Kong
+852 2525 5808
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