Beef & Liberty: Part Deux, The Return

The Classic Special

The Classic Special

Beef and Liberty QRBeef & Liberty’s classic special is an exquisite hamburger. A burger that has been cherished, and well groomed to be one of Hong Kong’s elite hamburgers; the care given to this burger radiates within one of its ringleaders, Neil Tomes – the proud executive chef who passionately articulates his burger and ingredients, who has remained vigilant tending to create a burger that has attained a certain burger beauty. Far from its beginnings as a decent hamburger, with a new array of notably sourced ingredients, this burger lives on with a worthy burger taste balance – one that’ll have four men guzzling a burger within moments of its arrival.

Since my first visit, which you can read about < here >, this burger has experienced a couple of changes – in both its soul and character. Key aspects such as the patty and bun have remained unchanged and improved for the better. The beef continues to perform as a strong companion –  utterly exquisite it is lean and juicy, and with a great mellow texture. And the bun, still with its soft core and crisp exterior, holds the burger together in a pliant compression that, at times, may make the bun a bit too thin. It’s everything else surrounding these two components that has been revamped – and the new ingredients are great, they make the bun and patty taste even better than before, and they give new meaning to this burger’s burger taste balance.

Just as before, the grass fed cattle was sacrificed with all the right intentions, but now, it shall be accompanied by a small friend – the bacon. The very tasty thick cut bacon is firm and crisp, with a ripe tenderness and quantity, it is pleasantly felt throughout each bite. The soft tenacious mantle of cheese is savory, a bit overwhelming at times, but generally great. The greenery provides fresh crunchy palpitations, lettuce and tomato both satisfy, but the onion accentuates the burger with a sweet touch. If there’s one underachiever in this burger, it’s the bacon jam, in small quantities it can certainly add an agreeable zestiness to the burger, however, too much and it can deluge the whole burger with an overtly sweetened tang; I would much rather have the cajun aioli as a condiment, a rich mayo that adds a hint of piquantness.

The burger’s build, which starts of with a blissful presentation, is staunch; its great compression comes with great constructability, and throughout each bite the hamburger holds its shape. Though there are times that the proportional ratios might be a bit off – with one bite of bread without beef too many. The french fries are good.

This hamburger has done a wonderful job in delivering a great burger taste balance, and care has gone into the whole lot of ingredients. At 118.00 HKD, 148.00 HKD including fries and a drink, there are few places around handing out a burger experience as good as Beef & Liberty’s.

Beef & Liberty
Star St. Precinct,
2/F, 23 Wing Fung St.,
Hong Kong
+852 2011 3009
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One thought on “Beef & Liberty: Part Deux, The Return

  1. kings lynn says:

    I thought it was super tasty & a huge fan of pickles!

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