Cafe Gray Deluxe


Burger at the bar

Cafe Gray DeluxeCafe Gray Deluxe’s burger is an edible burger at most. The hamburger, unlike the location, doesn’t have much to offer in terms of a burger experience. What lays in front of one is an unexciting burger that lacks any form of vibrancy, a hamburger that simply just seems off; off in its colors, off in its disposition, and off in its ingredients and proportions – one soon is overwhelmed with a feeling of having to fix something, to re arrange some aspect, but what? One can’t be certain.

An inexplicable amount if cheese highlights the suffering of this hamburger; it greets one with a lazy plastic sweaty feeling, unbeknown if this is a slight of hand seemingly trying to cover something within, one continues onwards towards the first bite – towards a boring burger taste balance that does little to delight. Not surprisingly, the cheese causes most of the brunt with a beset of cheesiness that is hard to escape; the cheese’s wrath doesn’t just stop with its flooding proportions but also with a sharp harsh taste. The beef patty, cowering underneath, isn’t the inspiring leader a burger needs – bringing with it an unrelenting chunky texture and blandness in taste, a weak beefiness, and a dryness that burdens the burger whole, making the hamburger experience hard to swallow; a slow almost never-ending eat.

The vegetables and the bun make feeble attempts to improve the burger taste balance. The little bit of greens add a slight crispiness to the burger, one that is soon thwarted by mushy sun-dried reds that are a tad too tomatoey; and the bun, giving of a glimmer of hope at first, with an acceptable taste and soft sponginess, is brought back down by a discerning tear-ability that results from improper burger planning. There’s little to say about the resulting burger construction that is plagued by miss-proportions, breakages in the bread, and a general sense of aridness. The fries are alright, but the spicy ketchup is a bit too sour and piquant.

With little to show for, except a great location and view, 235.00 HKD is a hefty price to pay for a cheese with burger hamburger that is both edible and prosaic  – and that is pretty much it.

Cafe Gray Deluxe
JWM Hotel Hong Kong, The Upper House
88 Queensway,
Hong Kong
+853 3968 1106
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