The Butchers Club Burger



The Butchers Club Burger

The Butchers Club burger is an exquisitely good hamburger. It is a hamburger that has received proper burger care and tenderness, that brings forth a wondrous experience that begins with the creation of a burger that manages to stand its ground. Surrounded by meat filled cabinets and formed from within mountains of minced beef, the patty is forbearignly massaged and fashioned within the humble hands of a ruggedly bearded man. The men in the kitchen, who seem like burger spartans in their element, lay out their ingredients ready to defend their great burger entry into Hong Kong’s hamburger repertoire.

The burger construction seems precise and the measurements well crafted – structurally, the burger stacks up with a tight bespoke hamburger feel, with the right burger length ratios. Yet, it’s a shame that the hamburger isn’t slightly more beefed up; moments before the end, one wonders whether or not to get a second – a decision that is, unfortunately, not solely weighed on a great burger taste balance. Still, made apparent as one smudges the burger’s face against the board to soak up all the juices from the marvelous swirl of rich tangy secret sauce that mixes so well with the meat drippage, the burger holds steady throughout.

The ingredients, victoriously achieving a great burger taste balance that keeps charging until the end, are good. The beef patty is soft and tender, cooked to a proper temperature with a whimsical taste, it rips ever so softly pillowing onto one’s taste buds with a true juicy beef flavor and pleasant grilled singe on the outside. The cheese that lies on top, adds a real layer of lazy gooeyness – not so strong to overpower and not too weak to pass by unnoticed, it swings just right. The bacon, a small treasure hidden inside the burger, is just that – a single lonely sliver of bacon that impulses the burger taste balance upwards, that lusters through the burger, but that will leave a yearning for one more piece.

While the burger, for the most, feels great and enjoyable, the vegetables – the single slice of tomato and cooked onions fall somewhat short – doing little to satisfy one’s primal urge to connect with nature. The sweet bosom of a bun, soft and tender with a brawny grilled springiness, with a sprinkle of flour that kisses one’s lip leaving a speck of a white mustache, is a respectable addition. The duck fat fries are alright.

For 100.00 HKD you can get the stand alone burger, for an extra 20.00 HKD you can get the fries; though not a high price compared to other Hong Kong burgers, when you consider the size that feeling might adjust, and soon be forgotten as one savors this burger; a formidable burger, one that even a couple of guys on an icy wall can look forward to after a hard night’s work.

The Butchers Club Burgers
G/F, Rialto Building
2 Landale Street
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
+852 2528 2083
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One thought on “The Butchers Club Burger

  1. Peter says:

    too small and way overpriced… in addition, no choice of burgers – just one sort, and that’s it – no good!

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