Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar

Wall Street Burger

Wall Street Burger

Liberty Exchange Kitchen & BarLiberty Exchange’s Wall Street Burger is a decent hamburger. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, no where near a street named Wall, how this burger got its name will, most likely, forever, in my heart, remain a mystery…

Could it be because of a glistening rugged facade, or because of its burger magnitude? Not likely. What is introduced is a monstrosity of a burger, unfortunately, this is not in reference to its size; this is not a gluttonous burger not a hamburger so greedy as to take up all the space in one’s stomach. What this small fisted sized burger is, is an ugly misshapen, swamp monster, goo covered, raggedy leaves sticking out, looking hamburger – certainly not a dressed to impress kinda burger.

Might the name have come from a sturdy resilient burger construction? Definitely, n-o, no. From the moment this burger is placed on the table, it’s deformed proportions – with a patty/meatball too thick and a bun slightly too wide for adequate burger construction, fail to impress. Moments from its arrival, without laying a single finger on this poor malformed hamburger, my burger became alive… the top bun, holding on for dear life began a downward move, unwillingly sliding towards an impending doom away from its lofty seat. However, throughout the eatery, the burger does manage to hold its shape with acceptable compression, but a last bite of empty bread doesn’t manage to make up for this slight hopefulness.

A name bestowed from a powerful mighty burger taste balance? Which is actually quite decent pedestrian and dry… doubt it, the burger chemistry isn’t really there. The meatball of a patty is thirsty, and the beef flavoring is a mediocre one covered in a charness that is hard to escape. The tomato confit, which I guess is a fancy name for a pickled tomato, is quite powerful on the burger – making it an excellent substitute for ketchup; on the flip side of the beef, the lettuce is just merely there to add some texture. The cheese, which covers the core in a strong appearance, is feeble in taste; and the basil mayo, which is barely noticeable has a hefty savoriness that is enjoyable in smidgens. The bun, though a bit dry, does have a nice soft bite to it. The fries are alright.

Wall Street Burger… maybe its because of its price tag? One could say so. For 228.00 HKD you can get a small burger with 6 oz. of beef all to yourself – the reality is that one would expect more from this burger considering the price. In the end, the experience one gets from this burger is a mediocre one; ordinary enough that one should take the liberty of exchanging this restaurant for one with a better burger option.

Liberty Exchange
2 Exchange Square,
8 Connaught Place,
Hong Kong
+ 852 2810 8400
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One thought on “Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar

  1. Kanlin says:

    228HKD for a burger is an act of greed and to hear that it’s not even good makes it an act of robbery. Don’t get mugged!

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