Red Bar + Restaurant

Red 1/2 pound beef burger

Red 1/2 pound beef burger

Red Bar + Restaurant

Red’s 1/2 pound beef burger is an decent delectable hamburger. Much better enjoyed sitting outside on the terrace on a cool clear day, this burger experience, appreciated alongside Hong Kong’s magnificent Victoria harbor and savored under the imposing erection that is the IFC 2, the second tallest building in the city, is a satisfying one. Engulfed by a riveting cityscape – the hamburger, with its size and good burger taste balance, seems equally imposing; from the moment it lands on the table, as the eyes measure up, one might have regretted the appetizer.

The burger’s presentation holds up, the performance is proficient, and the burger construction is solid; the ingredients, managing to pull through almost reaching exquisiteness, indicate that some care has gone into this burger. Still, there are times in which the burger taste balance feels as though a heavy-handedness of salt occurred – a saltines which may be derived from the rich but flabbily textured bacon. The patty holds a fine beefy flavor, and though it does feel somewhat chunky at times – leaving a desire for a slightly softer formation, it is filled with juicy meat juices; the cheddar cheese, nicely melted and not too sharp, creates an enjoyable composition. The vegetables feel crisp, and even with their seemingly thick appearance for the hamburger, already a hefty sized burger, the veggies don’t create a sense of overpowerment – not even the onion.

Built so that even an amateur burger eater can enjoy this experience, the burger has a sturdy burger assemblage. Although the first big bite might prove to be a challenge, the burger will eventually compress enough for even the most delicate bite. This, I believe, partly has to do with a bun that has soft chewy qualities throughout, whilst it size can be overbearing at times, it holds the burger, and its thick patty, within. A floating mayoey taste in the burger was a nice touch, however, the fries, cooked to a crisp, weren’t all that enjoyable.

For 165.00 HKD (21.00 USD), plus 15 HKD for each additional topping, the burger is a bit on the pricey side; but when you consider its size, and, if your early or lucky enough, the view from the terrace, its worth to give it a try – in any case its always impressive to stand next to IFC2 and simply look up!

Red Bar + Restaurant
4/F, IFC Mall,
8 Finance Street,
Hong Kong
+852 8129 8882
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