Tipping Point Brewing Co.

Classic Cheese Burger

Classic Cheese Burger

Tipping PointThe Tipping Point’s classic cheese burger is an edible hamburger. The overarching burger experience has an unwelcoming feeling from start to finish; and at the end, rather than a sense of satisfaction, there is one of relief – solace that one has completed the difficult task of stuffing this salty burger down one’s throat and leaving this locale.

As the little sized burger arrives, literally dumped in front of you by the irate staff, it brings with it a smelly smell of burntness and old oil that lingers throughout the first moments of this burger’s existence; the small size, which makes it possible to finish the burger within a few good bites, means that the burnt smell will waft throughout most of the hamburger experience – later on, this smell of uncleaned grill, will exit through the nostrils as the burger enters the mouth.

Peering beneath the hood won’t make a thing better, what one does have is: blackened grill marks on a bun that is soft and spongy; a patty that is both thick and compact, that is properly pinked inside and at first has a great beef taste that diminishes into saltines as one eats through; you have slivers of bacon, that’ll aren’t all that tasty but are all that salty; a cheese that is pretty oh-kay; and finally, a feeling of desolation as one notices that there isn’t any sort of greenery or verdure amongst this party. All this combined makes for an edible charred grilled burger taste balance, one that is reminiscent of a Burger King’s cheeseburger – except that Burger King will more likely offer a superior burger experience.

Also, have I mentioned how salty this burger is? They really tipped the point on that one. It does appropriately seem like bar food though, it is after all a micro-brewery, the burger’s so salty it’ll definitely encourage some beer ordering. At least, besides the burger mass, the burger has a good hamburger construction, it is burger sturdy and it’ll hold its shape… but so will a BK cheeseburger. The french fries felt a little soggy and old.

This cheeseburger is undoubtedly not worth 180.00 HKD (24.00 USD), and 28.00 HKD for a couple of slivers of bacon is preposterous – for this price they could of at least included a shred of vegetation. Tipping Point really tipped the scales on this burger – unfortunately towards the more shoddy side…

On another note… I seldom talk about the locales and I don’t usually mention stuff about the services I receive, but sometimes the service in places can be ridiculously abysmal. I don’t think anyone would appreciate having cash tossed across the table because the waiter thought the tip was insufficient – seriously waiter dude, we hadn’t even finished discussing how much tip we’d leave, or if any would be left at all, but you’re attitude made the decision pretty simple.

Tipping Point Brewing Co.
79 Wyndham Street,
Hong Kong
+852 2868 2892
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2 thoughts on “Tipping Point Brewing Co.

  1. Gabriel says:

    any burger place where the ketchup portion is bigger than the burger itself is not a place I would visit.

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