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LF Burger

LF Burger

Lingini FiniThe LF Burger is a decent pedestrian hamburger. One might not think to visit Linguini Fini particularly for their burger, in actuality their pizza encounter is vastly better than their burger experience; but upon a first visit as one studies their menu, hidden all the way on the last line, an interesting sounding burger calls out… with spicy ketchup and roasted garlic mayo along with the option to add pancetta (Italian bacon) and mozzarella cheese, the burger, seems to only ask for a chance.

The burger presentation does seem slightly lazy; slumped on the plate lacking a certain burger finesse, it does not come across, and later feel, like a great Italian stallion… it is not a powerful gallop into the stomach – the ingredients, especially the burger construction, do not fully deliver that memorable burger ride – what you get is a satisfactory burger taste balance with a worrisome built.

As one begins to build the hamburger everything appears correct, there is appropriate compression, and more importantly the portions stack up properly. It is immediately after the first impending bite that things begin to go awry, the outstanding offenders being the pancetta followed closely by the patty.

The pancetta ads a pungent salty kick to the burger, and cooked to an unyielding crisp, that bacon kick might just be powerful enough to chip a tooth – needless to say, the pancetta, might not make it to the finale. The beef patty carries a zesty taste to it, it is unknown whether the taste comes from the meat being kept in the freezer for a little too long, as a trained butcher at our table suggested, or from the spices and seasoning in the beef, hopes are for the latter. Worse still is the patty texture, soft and airy, as you hold the burger the patty will begin to tear and ooze away from the hamburger core – a struggle to strategically eat the burger ensues; the result: a center of bread, which is softly toasted maintaining its bun shape, and mushy veggies without meat. The mozzarella cheese doesn’t perform as well on the burger as it does on the pizza; but the burger did have a nice garlic buttery aftertaste. The spicy ketchup felt a little too sour and the fries, which are not included, are alright.

The LF burger has some potential, what it desperately needs though is a hamburger whisperer – but until that happens don’t expect much. For 168.00 HKD (21 USD) for the burger plus 20.00 HKD for each the pancetta and mozzarella think like one of the great four turtles and order a pizza!

Linguini Fini
1/F, The L Place,
139 Queen’s Road,
Hong Kong
+852 2857 1333
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