Ham & Sherry

Beef burger...?

Beef “burger”

Ham&SherryHam & Sherry’s beef “burger” is an edible “hamburger”. There’s an odd feeling to Ham & Sherry when one enters with the intention of indulging on a burger; as one awaits the burger’s arrival, as one ganders across the tables, one might begin to wonder why no burgers are being served… certainly, for a dish as popular as a hamburger there must be some other patrons waiting. Tis only moments after your burger arrives that you realize what was happening all along – that the burgers where always there.

I know, it doesn’t particularly come off looking as a traditional burger, and even though assurances were delivered that the meal laid before my eyes is in fact a “burger” it was, sadly, hard to truly enjoy this “burger” experience – from start to end, from presentation to performance, this simply did not fill the burger void within. What you end up with is the burger equivalent of a bicycle wreck – a “burger” with poor burger taste balance, with inferior burger assemblage, with an undeliverable burger satisfaction; a “burger” without its burger essence. What follows is a downward spiral of burger disappointment, one that culminates in a figurative slap to the face of one burger lover.

Upon encountering this small burger, one is rushed by a sense of bafflement and wonder as to why the burger has been cut in half, and more importantly, what to this day still remains an unresolved mystery, where that other half may be. As you gaze and examine through the ingredients, one can’t argue that the right components aren’t present; but even with keeping an open mind, these ingredients seem lost – without a purpose. The ciabatta immediately strikes out, a little too hard, dry, and thin, it just doesn’t feel appropriate; the airy beef patty, even with the correct temperature, lacks seasoning and a genuine beefy taste; the cheese, sharp and somewhat overwhelming, just doesn’t lay well; and the sweet onions, a false hope for vegetables, rebels the “burger” with its sweetness. There was one seeming winner in the bunch, the bacon, a bacon that is soft and chewy with the right amount of crispiness; it did well at first, until you begin to notice its overly greasy perspiration. The garlic fries are alright.

For 108.00 HKD this is not a commendable “burger”, I’m sure Ham & Sherry have great dishes, but for a burger you can and will find better. One awkward thing did happen after being there for an hour or so… in front of us, amongst two pretty looking ladies, something resembling a beef burger with the proper bun and proportions appeared, it was a beef burger – slap. Yet, after this experience it would have probably also been a disappointment.

Ham & Sherry
1-7 Ship Street,
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
+852 2555 0628
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