Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

Beef Burger

Beef Burger

Wooloomooloo steakhouseWooloomooloo’s beef burger is a good decent hamburger. More likely than not, one is sure to have a great burger experience; soaring high above Hong Kong’s rooftops, accompanied by magnificent views of Kowloon and the Island, as you scan the horizon at the verticality that is this city – it’s easy to get sidetracked on what’s important here: the actuality of the burger. Like I said, this is a burger experience that is worthwhile; but, does this hamburger inspire as much as its setting?

The burger’s introduction is immediately received with a pair of mixed feelings, while the overpowering whiteness of the plate might induce a notion of bleakness, as if something is missing, the attractive and sizable burger brings forth enthusiasm. As one becomes a witness to these emotions, and one begins to devour this hamburger, there is a realization that there is a pattern of ups and downs to this burger; in the end, the result is a burger, that unlike it’s view, is uninspiring.

The ingredient seem to be of a good quality, and as one, they do manage to pull of an decent burger taste balance; still, they do boast a certain burger carelessness, eventually becoming apparent that with a little more attention these ingredient can live to deliver a burger taste balance of a much higher degree. The juicy sirloin beef patty manages to radiate a wonderful beef taste, a flavor that rises above all other ingredients; regrettably, the taste is not enough to make up for its insufficiently thin proportions. The bacon, rich in that awe inspiring bacon taste, is sadly noticeably flabby in feel; the cheese, soft and gooey in texture, is a tad too sharp in flavor; and the vegetables, while crisp and balanced, stem blandness. You see, with this hamburger everything is good, but there’s always a ‘but’. Only the egg, with a firm white, and runny tasty yolk, manages to pull through unscathed.

Then there’s the bun; inappropriate for this kind of restaurant, has no salvation… overbearing in size, dry and rough in texture, feels like the most generic burger bun one could find; the ease in which the bun tears away, concludes in a conscious awareness that this burger is poorly constructed. The fries, crisp with a soft center, are alright.

For 155.00 HKD, this is a good burger experience. Unfortunately, not so much because of the burger, but because of the setting. This is a hamburger with a view, an inspiring view that makes the burger experience so much greater than it actually is, but if found on the ground floor, this burger experience might become somewhat more real.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse
31/F & Rooftop The Hennessy
256 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
+852 2893 6960
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4 thoughts on “Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

  1. Gabriel Mejía says:

    Both the burger & fries look very much like something you could do yourself home, rather than a restaurant burger. The view at the restaurant must be quite impressing according to your description.

  2. Kanlin Gu says:

    It is very true that the plating of these different food components; burger, fries, and ketchup requires design and attention. Even the plate itself should be chosen with more care, to create an unifying background to hold and anchor these elements together. In this case the white plate is merely a cheap vessel that screams, “I know you’re here for the view (out there) and not because of how the food looks!”

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