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Restoration’s simple burger is an exquisite hamburger. It is a gorgeous southern belle in the center of Hong Kong; the hamburger, vivacious in both appearance and taste, makes a grand entrance, charming your senses as it releases a waft of its delightful burger perfume into your nostrils – preparing your body for what should be a beautiful burger experience. What follows moments after that whirl, from the instant you envelop this hamburger, is a rich and tasty burger taste balance rush; and the realization that prudence has gone into the ingredients as well as the construction – resulting in mouthfuls of exquisite burgerness.

Often encountered in Creole cuisine, one might notice that black pepper has a well distinguished role in this burger, a role that achieves a welcoming kick of southern spice; furthermore, the beef patty, full of flavorful meat juices, accomplishes a neat beef taste that is subtly accentuated by the apt peppery seasoning. Although the texture of the patty might feel slightly coarse at times, the patty is offered with the right thickness and correct diameter – creating a near perfect ensemble with the bun and other ingredients.

The melted cheddar cheese, which clings to the patty with a thick radiant summery yellow, properly manages to softly gleam throughout the burger experience; the vegetables, finely tuned to the portions of the burger, establish an evident sense of freshness and, particularly the tomato, natural taste. The bacon does leave something to be desired for, not because of its slightly charred appearance – which surprisingly doesn’t have a blackened taste, but more so because of its heavy saltiness that can disturb the burger. Though I have to mention, the bacon is not included in the burger. The tasty toasted bun, spring and soft, appropriately adjusts to the inner workings and assemblage of the burger, absorbing the juicy remnants while keeping the burger tightly held under its arms – it gives a feeling of satisfaction as you hold this solid burger. The piquantly seasoned fries are great.

Served only during lunch, for 108.00 HKD this burger is definitely worth a try. As part of a set lunch it’ll come with a choice of soup or salad, and four cheese options for its cheesy topping. However, it is unfortunate that the presence of fries, though good and plentiful, comes at an additional cost of 25.00 HKD. One last thought, I really hope that Restoration preserves the consistency of this exquisite burger, as one of the best burgers in Central – i’m sure Louisiana detectives Rust and Martin would approve, laissez les bon burger temps rouler!

1st/F, 63 Wyndham Street,
Hong Kong
+852 2536 0183
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