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Ted's Lookout QRTed’s cheeseburger is a decent hamburger. The burger actually shoulders a superb burger taste balance; sadly, this great hamburger performance is belittled by a patty that feels embarrassingly inappropriate – a patty that because of its dwarfed size struggles to glisten as it hides in-between the other ingredients. As you await for the arrival of your burger, as you peer at others’ burgers, as your head frantically twists and turns looking for a sign of proper burger proportions, and as you begin to realize that size does matter – prepare to have a moment of disappointment sink in.

As I said, the burger taste balance of this burger is exquisitely good; the bacon shines through with a chewy firmness that brittles as it enters your mouth, the vegetables feel fresh and alive with color and taste; the cheddar cheese adds the right amount of gooeyness without being too vague; and, if you throw in some truffle aioli, be sure to expect a flavorful buttery touch. The bread is savory, it has a soft chewy sponginess to it, it is a good bun; and when you do manage to meet the meat, the meat has a great juicy beef taste, a beef flavor that is strong and untouched.

The problem… the misfortunate size of the patty that throws the whole burger ecosystem out of balance; suddenly, the bread seems too big and airy, the onion too powerful, it feels like there is too much empty space in this burger. The moment you pick it up there’s a sensation of wobbliness, a construct about to topple out – you’ll notice amateur burger eaters struggling to hold it together, and the more adept eaters keeping a lookout for falling ingredients to not leave behind. But persist, after a few bites of too much bread and too little meat, once you’ve bitten through the outermost regions and begin to reign on the patty you will be rewarded with a great burger taste balance and that burger satisfaction – if only for a number of bites. The fries are great.

For 128.00 HKD and 15.00 HKD for additional toppings, such as bacon, based on the burger taste balance, this is a good burger to try. However, one would wish to not be disappointed by an ill-suited beef patty, and resulting poor stability. Hopefully Ted will one day look out from his lookout into the horizon and realize the potential in his burger. I don’t know if this is a case of restaurant frugality, or a consideration to serve a ‘light-er’ lunch burger (burgers are only served for lunch); but I do know that proper burger proportions are essential for a decorated burger. 

Ted’s Lookout
G/F Moonful Court, No. 17A
Moon Street,
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
+852 2520 0076
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2 thoughts on “Ted’s Lookout

  1. Gabriel says:

    would be great to have equivalent prices in EUR /USD e.g. the burger price was 143 HKD (13 EUR, 18 USD)

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