Electric Ave


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Electric Ave’s classic Aussie beef burger is an exquisite hamburger. It has a notable burger taste balance, but missing is the Aussie feel to it… This won’t detract from the overall hamburger experience, except the expectations one may have. Australian burgers, much like everything else coming up from the down under, should be a mix and match of nonsense ingredients. Ingredients that perhaps should not be in a burger, but somehow are and for some strange reason they kinda work.

Still, even without the grilled pineapple, the cold beetroot, and the fried egg, this “Aussie” burger’s burger taste balance is heaps good; and will stand to gratify any hamburger cravings one may have. The bun takes the burger crown, it is a soft bun with a semi crisp layer tensioning with one’s teeth as it delivers a semi-sweet touch. The beef is also notable, but not for its greatness… instead you get a dusty look, feel and taste to it. It’s as if the meat has been picked up from the grocery aisle with a single label of ‘beef’ on it. Everyone is guilty of doing this every once in a while, particularly our mommas who’ve created the unique and notable mom-burgers everyone remembers in their own way. While not a bad thing, it could be so much the better…

Moving along, the crumbly cheddar cheese isn’t spewin’ what one might expect… the taste won’t crumble and touch your buds, leaving a flamin’ desire for a more cheesy experience. The sweet cooked onions, which aren’t obvious to be onions at first, bestow the burger with a savory tanginess. There’s also the tomato paste, which provides the hamburger with a ketchup-tomatoey feel without them being present. The burger construction is lacking though… every bite is a legless feel and dread of a hamburger waiting to plummet at any moment. Then without warning, bits of beef begin to fall and the burger’s life fails in your hands.

For 155.00 HKD this is a hamburger to try. The fries are good, and the aura of rosemary will uplift your sense of smell. Though one might wish the burger smell would have a better role. The “ketchup” is awful. In the end, the hamburger could really use some more Aussie-ness to it, it is exceptional, but unworthy of its name… the hamburger needs a little more “booting,” a little more Mad-Max, it needs Paul Hogan to lift it up and say – “this is a burger.”

Electric Ave
LG/F, Tai Yik House,
27-29 First Street,
Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong
+852 2858 8883

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