Jamie’s Italian



Jamie’s Italian burger is a decent hamburger. On paper the burger sounds better than it looks, and on the table it looks better than it tastes. It’s a simple burger that is trying to be too wholesome, but it can’t. A hamburger that will generally appease those momentary burger cravings, but will trouble one with interim bites full of irregularities. Was the plan to make a healthy burger? A burger that one might enjoy without guilt from time and time? Could be… but for all the healthy tidbits a lot of this burger looks and feels a bit too processed.

The burger taste balance in Jamie’s burger isn’t a constant one; the first bite works out to be quite good, but further down the line the taste becomes erratic as bites either lack or plenty something. Start with the patty and something seems amiss, the beef dabbles in an aimless taste that’s not all too bad, but not all that great – it is heavy with salt and textured in a semi-rebounding quality that won’t just tear or crumble with one’s bite. Even the shape of the patty is odd, as if it has been prepackaged and stored – massaged and prepped long before it was cooked… and it tastes of it.

Then there’s the congregation of zest that lives in some of the burger bites, that conclude in thirsty mouthfuls; and it won’t take long to realize that the culprit of these bouts of tang lie within the pancetta… tasty but treasonous with its salt. Between the meats, the beef and the pancetta, there is an ingredient that makes a stand for itself, albeit a small one. The cheddar cheese, with its acidic vibrancy and gooey composure, makes a huge mark in seldom bites that contain meagre amounts of cheesy goodness. The rest of the parts – the cut lettuce, the tomatoes, are fresh and dandy, and the balsamic onions give the hamburger a sweet hue. The bread pulls it off, well toasted and with a nice spring to it, it’s working the burger taste balance – though at times it’ll dominate the burger construction.

For 178.00 HKD this wholesome burger has a whole lot of price for a whole little burger (taste and size)… The fries are good, but the ketchup is healthily-weird. In the end the burger doesn’t really satisfy the moment and it’ll probably leave you wanting for something else – probably one of Jamie’s famous pastas might be a better bet.

Jamie’s Italian
2/F, Soundwill Plaza II- Midtown
1 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay Hong Kong
+852 3955 2222


One thought on “Jamie’s Italian

  1. Looks disgusting 😎😎

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