Beef Burger

Beef Burger


Mano’s Beef Burger is an exquisite hamburger. The burger, for the majority of its physicality, is just a really straight forwardly good hamburger; all its burger parts, its hamburger taste balance, its burger construction and ratios, hamburger feel and the burger care it has been given… at the fore of one’s appetite a swell rounded ordinary – not ordinary bad – hamburger is placed, a burger which naturally feels uncomplicatedly good.

This burger’s candid burger taste balance is precursored by an enticing redolence that is lifted through the zephyrs towards the senses; a first bite surrounds the innards of one’s mouth with a richly succulence derived from a well formed patty – the meat in this burger is good, the patty has an affluent beef taste that has been pleasingly seasoned, and the texture softly breaks along with an easy lusciousness as teeth and lips surround and touch. The vegetables establish a green plumpness in the hamburger; both the lettuce and the tomato, corpulent and crisp, give rise to this burger’s level of freshness, and the avocado, an ingredient that can encourage a burger’s burger taste balance with its balmy fresh buttery feel, clearly adds its distinct savour.

The bun is as good as it looks, its roundness, grill marks, and shades of golden-brown, all let go in a bread with a crisp exterior and a soft interior, it is a bread that sprucely absorbs and cleans the burger’s dripping releases. A hint of cheese, an aged cheddar, forgettably emerges from the burger taste balance with a minimal nuance as its creaminess intent is stolen by the avocado. On the sides of this burger are three little dishes containing house ketchup, aioli, and pickles. The aioli offers an oily-mayo sauce with a prosperous flavour that works well with the burger taste balance and the fries; while the house ketchup, a sort of pickled sauce, offers a below mediocre sour experience (if ketchup is essential, sneak some packets in). The fries are crisp and good.

For 170.00 HKD this is a good but very pricey burger, after this experience, when one looks at the burger’s small modest size one will be inclined to reconsider visiting Mano for a hamburger again. Still, this ordinarily good normal burger, a burger that is well constructed, that holds, and has appropriate ratios, is a burger able to conformably satisfy to everyman’s moment of burger need.

139 Queens Road,
Hong Kong
+852 2399 0737
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One thought on “Mano

  1. ariettehk says:

    You know what I really like about your blog, it’s the way you describe the taste and identify the details of the beef burger. This is my favorite part “bun is as good as it looks, its roundness, grill marks.” Haha. I am sure to drop by when I crave for fresh beef burgers in Hong Kong.

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