8oz Burger

8oz Burger


Foodbox’s 8oz burger is an exquisitely good hamburger. This gentle burger, introduced as plain as can be – bun, patty, lettuce and tomato, with the only little extravagance being a smidgen of butter, surprises one with a satisfying touch of burger lightness that is foremost complemented by a great burger taste balance and an adequate burger construction.

Even though the burger is menued quite intrinsically, the box offers an array of filler options – greens, cheeses, and meats, all listed on a board, imply to the already satisfying burger taste balance; a balance that begins with a great bun and ends with a plush burger moistness. The bun, bread that has been toasted subtly to a tastily mellow, bequeaths a soft sponge-like textured malleability that absorbs and retains every dripping instant – with a gratifying butyraceous feel to it, this is a fairly juicy burger.

The next procession in the bite, the patty, provides a pleasant beef taste with profound hints of seasoning; a hunky texture, modestly redolent of local meatballs, give off a supple composition to the meat. A refreshing set of fresh vegetables afford the burger with a green hearty quality, the romaine lettuce is crisp with keen shades of greens and purples that mix well with the burger taste balance, and the tomato feels corpulent and zesty – these veggies fulfil their healthful destinies of wholesomeness, and make up for other absentees (there are no onions to be tasted). The add-ons to this burger were two fold and well received in the burger taste balance, a mild cheddar cheese that adds a gluey tangy creaminess and a crisp salty bacon.

Nestled within a nurturing bun, all these ingredients forge a semi-sturdy burger construction, and though vegetable accidents may still slip out, there aren’t many moments of awkward hamburger holding. A near distribution of tastes and fair measurements add to the burger construction with appropriate ratios, the burger as a whole prevails to the end. To ones disappointment there are no fries offered alongside this burger, instead a mediocre cole slaw and a soup option are offered… soup and a burger… soup…

For 98.00 HKD, and an additional 8.00 HKD for each additional topping, this is a pretty pricey burger. But it’s swell to see that this quaint little food box, a cramped box filled with sandwich ingredients and with no place to sit, flaunts a little love for their hamburger.

14 Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong
+852 2907 1988
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