Beef Portobello Bacon Burger

Beef Portobello Bacon Burger

Cedele QRThe Beef Portobello Bacon Burger from Cedele is an edible hamburger. A hamburger, whose name stacks up better than the actual burger, arrives in an unexcited flaccidness – its leaning parts, toweringly toppled across the plate held by a crutch, should be a numb turn off; never a good entrance, this cussed keel only indicates an annoying reconstruction that has to happen before the first bite transpires… worser yet is the dread one might feel as to whether or not the burger build will hold its physique.

Once re-erected the burger doesn’t particularly boast well in hand. Feeling rather small, there is not an impressive appreciation one has of the hamburger construction or the burger taste balance once in reach of the mouth-grip; the burger taste balance is not lamentable, it’s a decent one that has been pruned by the shapes. The portobello mushroom provides a rebounding sensation that is endured but not so much savored – it’s fractious to understand why this shroom, canopying the patty, is here… Perhaps a veggie burger that never was to be. Cowering behind the portobello is a homemade patty with a light slightly old beef taste; rather small and measly the patty’s eventual textured disintegration will dissipate the meat into scarce memories within the bun, specs of beef within a universe of mushroom and bread.

The bun, a recommended spinach ‘bap’ (which is actually a bun), is an enjoyable compressible indulgent bread with spinachey green marks that only give off a hint of the flowering plant – not specifically designed for burgers it adds to the burger taste balance; the downfall being that its shape and softness give the sense on an eventually rupture. A striking dijon mustard hue does make a surprisingly peculiar appearance midway through the eatery – unsure how to react, the ingredient is eventually accepted into the burger taste balance; unlike the bacon, with little to show for itself it shyly only gives an allusion of its presence, and the onion marmalata will in perpetuum remain a mystery. The veggies are comprised of an ordinary leaf of lettuce and a tasteful tomato. The truffle fries are good.

For 150.00 HKD this Singaporean burger (Cedele is a Singaporean bakery/cafe) is one that can be forfeited. The predominant hurdle of the burger is not the burger taste balance, which is actually quite decent; it is the awfulness that exists in the burger’s planning and engineering as a whole and as individual ingredients.

G07-08 Infinitus Plaza,
199 Des Voeux Road,
Hong Kong
+852 2581 0808
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