Al’s Diner

Bacon Cheese Burger

Big Bopper Burger

Al's Diner QRThe Big Bopper burger from Al’s Diner is a good decent hamburger. As one makes haste towards this locale tis hard to gage what sort of burger experience will be had in the following moments… Enter the burger, a hamburger with an exquisite looking presentation – a colorful facing burger that is accompanied by an enjoyable expansive smell. The initial buildature of the hamburger is also a reason to rejoice, the circumferences of the bun and the patty look to agree with each other while the proportional measurements of the characters appear appropriate – the beef seems to have the right shape and thickness, the cheese a musk hardy yellow presence that deluges the bacon, and the vegetables look verdantly present.

The aesthetic and nasal enjoyment begin to dispel when taste and feel comes to play – faults are made more obvious as one delves into the burger experience. The perception towards the bun shifts from a proportionally rationed bread to something that seems slightly oversized and weak, the soft bread with a bushy density soon becomes soggy – the longer it is held between one’s finger the greater the chances of protruding though the sweaty dough and tickling the meat. There’s a whole other character to the patty once the meat is grasped within one’s lips; from a great scent and an exciting moisture, the meat falls short on its lack of tasty meatness, by the inadequate composition of a jerky seasoning and a grainy chunked texture that reveal a decent taste.

The usual vegetable trio of tomato, onion, and lettuce are all acceptable – more so ordinarily selected vegetables that at times possess the burger taste balance as overlooked thick shapes. The cheese has a couthy visual feel to it that was not strongly contemplated in the burger; and the bacon, not evenly cooked with crunchy bits and soft bits, ends up as an enjoyable salty inclusion into the burger. The pale fries were passable.

For 105.00 HKD Al’s Big Bopper Burger is a burger that could be given a single chance – ultimately the burger taste balance and the construction offer a greater visual and olfactory experience than a palatable one. One might be better of enjoying some of their jello shots than the burger… but then again, few will go to Al’s Diner specifically for a hamburger.

Al’s Diner
G/F 39 D’Aguilar Street,
Hong Kong
+852 2521 8714
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