Blue Butcher

Butcher's Wagyu Beef Burger

Butcher’s Wagyu Beef Burger

Blue butcher quick reviewThe Butcher’s Wagyu burger is a good decent hamburger. It is reminiscent of a simple cheeseburger – a thick patty, a bun, a shred of tomato, and a slice of cheese; a cheeseburger that is just a little more classy a little more expensive, that can probably be tied to, as its name suggests, a meat lovin’ butcher’s idea of a hamburger – which makes for a fine idea, this execution on the other hand…

The presentable but desolate hamburger does offer an enjoyable burger experience, a nice hamburger taste balance. The rightly chewy bun shows a shiny firm outer shell that is soft to the touch; and the well textured patty which has a good beef taste but lacks that serious Wagyu flavor, is complemented by competent seasoning that doesn’t overindulge the burger taste balance – which is heightened by the rich truffle mayo. Together in taste, these ingredients work adequately; in construction, there are some faults. Holding and eating the hamburger, as the bun tightly encapsulates the patty, there is a pleasant feeling of compression and soft tear. Still, moments before, even with a grand presentation, one can already see the abstract construction – a patty too thick and mismatched for the bun, that’ll lead to a thoughtful strategic first bite and a likely defeating last bite, that dreadful incomplete final bite that is only bread.

Surprisingly, for being a butcher’s burger, there isn’t any bacon or other fanciful meats in the composition, even more startling is the incorrect meat temperature; this, together with the slivers of vinegary tomato, that kinda make up for ketchup, leads to a feeling that this burger needs a little more care in order to reach a level of minimal exquisiteness. In the end it’s just meat and bread, a ghostly cheese that is there but hard to experience, and a longing for a little greenness. And I know what you’re thinking, but don’t do it, don’t put the salad in the burger… the dressing will overpower the burger in a husky sourness – leave it be. The fries were good, though a little too salty, but distinguished with the truffle mayo.

For 190.00 HKD i’d like to have a more enriched burger experience, with a wide variety of layered tastes, not just a fancy cheeseburger that tastes great but feels like something is missing – oh and by the way, just for your information, it’s only served during lunch time.

Blue Butcher
108 Hollywood Road,
Central District,
Hong Kong
+852 2613 9286
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