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Lily & Bloom review

The Bloomberg-er, a decent burger, is one filled with ups and downs; from when you first lay eyes on it to the last bite, from its assembly to its flavor. At first, with its round bun and enticing inner workings, the burger looks attractive; an appeal that is soon diminished as you consider how structurally unstable the hamburger seems. The hastily piled ingredients and the top heavy feeling the burger gives to the eye, create a sense that the burger might collapse at any moment – if it weren’t spiked through.

As you begin to endeavor through this burger, initial bites bring a sense of satisfaction that soon turn into dismay as you notice the taste imbalance within. The patty, a minefield of flavors that combines great use of herbs to accentuate the beef taste with peppery patches that overwhelm the burger, is further sabotaged by a thick dry patty that breaks off into robust chunks. The truffle mayonnaise, a high point for this burger with its rich and luscious taste, is given in glimpses that create a desire to proceed with the burger in an attempt to palate the condiment; bites that soon turn into alarm as an abundance of onions dominate and drown the whole Bloomberg-er. The Gruyere cheese, which passes without leaving a mark; the vegetables, which feel ordinary; and the bacon, which tastes good but is too hard, don’t add anything special.

The bun, fried and warm, tasted great as it held its shape throughout the burger. Yet, the disproportionate construction that leaves you with too much bread at the end of the burger, produces a sense of distress as you’re forced to not enjoy every bite with an equal part of the key ingredients. The french fries are awesome.

The Bloomberg-er was a let down, even more at 175.00 HKD, but I believe it has the potential to be great if more care is involved, and I would give it another chance. Lily and Bloom is a great place, one that I’ve become a regular to, a place with a stylish atmosphere, where people know my name, and where the drinks are magnificent; and if you have the chance visit Lily and Bloom, but not for the burger. Perhaps my expectations for this burger were too high, and you know what they say about expectations – they make an ass out of you and me.

Bloom, Lily & Bloom
5/F & 6/F LKF Tower
No. 33 Wyndham Street,
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2810 6166
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2 thoughts on “Bloom, Lily & Bloom

  1. Nina says:

    I completely agree with you. I ordered a medium rare and was really disappointed to receive a medium. I also don’t think this burger was made for human mouths because it was stacked so high I could hardly put the whole thing in my mouth. The truffle sauce was really good though (and a nice surprise) but wasn’t enough to make this burger exquisite.
    P.S love your blog, don’t stop

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