The Press Room (closed)

Le press room burger.

Le press room burger.

The press room

The Le Press Room burger is one of the more enjoyable hamburgers in Hong Kong, it has a great appearance and even better performance. The first impression this hamburger gives is that it’s heavy; the top bun rises above the plate like a giant dome, it’s thick patty topped with bacon and Roquefort cheese rest on a copious amount of vegetables, all supported by a robust bottom bun, and crowned by a cherry tomato on top. Before taking the first big bite, one has to gently compress the whole burger just enough to be able to bring it in between the lips. Immediately after the initial encounter you’ll realize two things; that you’ll want to hold the burger above your fries to cover them in all the fine juices that cascade from the beef, bacon, and cheese, and more importantly, that this burger has a pleasing burger taste balance.

The beef patty, which was requested medium and arrived medium rare, has a good undisturbed beef taste that is well accompanied by the not-too-crispy-not-too-soft flavorful bacon. As you effortless tear, chew, and combine both meats, each one will clearly make an appearance before harmonizing into one another. The Roquefort cheese, a strong oozing cheese which at times does overpower the burger taste, moves from a mild to smoky flavor, before continuing into a salty finish which fades into the burger giving it a gratifying tangy taste. The vegetables, while crispy and fresh, did feel a little boring – contributing little, other than some greens, in making this burger slightly more distinguished. One of the best features of this hamburger has to be the delightful burger bun with a great taste and sensation; soft to the touch, it’ll hold this moderately husky juicy burger till the end – making it a well-structured hamburger. The coleslaw, a nice addition, is great, and the thin French fries taste good.

The Press Room, located in Sheung-wan, has a nice environment to it, although it might feel a little cramped during peak eating hours of the day. And while the burger might not be the highlight of the place it is apparent that they have put some care in the burgers they offer. At 128.00 HKD Le press room burger has a reasonable price, and is well worth a try.

The Press Room
108 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 2525 3444
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4 thoughts on “The Press Room (closed)

  1. bluebalu says:

    OK, I’m intrigued – I’ll give this a go soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] across his blog. I was looking for information about The Press Room and Francisco had already reviewed its burger – he recommended it! So I left him a comment saying that I’m intrigued and […]

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