Simplylife Bakery Cafe

Beef burger with blue cheese and bacon

Beef burger with blue cheese and bacon

Simplylife bakery cafe

The first impression from this burger is that its visually quite appetizing, glaring over the counter at a couple of burgers one can hardly wait to take the first bite. The burger, which properly reflects the restaurant’s name, appears simple, enticing, and well proportioned. However, as good as the burger looks, as one proceeds to chow down, its possible to notice that the perfect burger taste is not quite there – the balanced aesthetic slowly crumples at the almost unbalanced taste.

The arrival of the beef, which’s entrance looks superb, is hindered by a hard to distinguish, heavy presence of herbs; while herbs can greatly enhance flavors, in this case, it is my opinion, that this ‘herby taste’ takes away from the ‘beef’ savor – one that is so important to a good burger balance. The overall performance of the beef is also lessen by a dryness that doesn’t allow the meat to tear, but instead break into chunks. The burger is accompanied by a hunky fried tomato, which feels a little too big, and soused red onions; both which are quite sour and overpowering, further add to the burger’s imbalance. The bun, which is of a good bakery’s quality, is cushiony and fresh; the bread is soft without tearing apart. The burger is well built, but there are some faults. The bacon, while good in taste, is a little too tough as it pulls itself out from between the bun and the patty on certain bites. Which leads to either tearing the bacon with your fingers and tucking it back inside or eating the rest without that sweet bacon inside. The blue cheese in enjoyable, and the french fries are great.

The restaurant has a clean simple environment, and inside Queensway Plaza there isn’t much of a view except for all the different pastries at the counter. At around 100.00 HKD the burger has a moderate price range. If you are in Queensway Plaza and want a reasonably priced burger you might as well try it, but don’t go out of your way for this hamburger.

Simplylife Bakery Cafe
Shop B05-06, 1/F, Queensway Plaza,
Admiralty, Hong Kong
+852 2529 6602
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