MO Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Traditional burger with blue cheese and hickory smoked bacon.

Traditional burger with blue cheese and hickory smoked bacon.

MO BarThe traditional burger is definitely one of the most satisfying burgers I’ve had in Hong Kong. The burger has a rich balanced flavor, which makes it possible to enjoy both the ‘burger’ taste and the individual ingredients; because of the distinct sharp and salty characteristic of the blue cheese this ingredient does stand out more than others, but not to the point that it takes away from the beef or drowns the burger down. The beef, Wagyu beef, is cooked perfectly – properly seared with a well-cooked outer layer and a warm delicate pink center, and has a strong clean beef taste undisturbed by the addition of other ingredients.

Throughout the experience the burger maintains its shape, it’s sturdy, tender, and easy to eat – which is one of the great qualities of this burger. Every mouthful tears into the whole burger with the smallest amount of force, it feels like your teeth glide through each bite and the taste gently lands on your palate. I’m sure that this patty is massaged properly, and good care is given to the patty as well as the rest of the ingredients. The bread is a soft multi-cereal bun, fresh and toasted, that holds the burger together until the end. The vegetables also enhance the burger, the lettuce is finely shredded and in addition to having fresh tomatoes the burger is accompanied by a tomato and red onion relish; which adds a semi-sour but pleasant tomato/onion tang. The softly crispy bacon also makes a distinguished appearance. This all culminates in a well build burger that has an incredibly good and balanced taste, a flavor that is strongly accentuated by the tenderness of the whole burger. The french fries are also great.

MO Bar has a nice ambiance to it, it is and it does feel like a hotel bar, and at the ground level of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental you’ll get a view of Queen’s Road. It does feel like a place to sit back and enjoy a drink and/or dinner – I had a pretty good man-date with a friend there. At 258.00 HKD for the burger, and 33.00 HKD for each additional topping, the burger is a little pricey – after you’ve tried it once the price might keep you at bay for only special occasions, but its worth at least one try.

MO Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
15 Queen’s Road Central,
The Landmark,
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2132 0188
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