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Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu Beef Burger


Bresola’s Wagyu Beef Burger is a pretty exquisite hamburger. This burger, found in a classy slight Italian restaurant off the side of Kennedy Town, is a hamburger that is first acquainted with a burger construction predisposed by a slumping stackature of trying ratios; at the same time, a follow from a subtle winsome aroma of burger (and fries), a signal of goodness, will hereafter provide a hint to a fair of palatable constituents that shall come to pass as an excellent burger taste balance.

One’s initial path towards the hamburger is met with a firm release from suspense as the stabilizing pole is drawn to a secure burger build – the progression between appetence and fulfillment is, for the most, characterized by a burger with a confiningly comfortable compression that holds together with surprising ease. Within the reaches of this sturdy burger construction, one that marginally flounders under the minor imparity of bun to patty, is a burger taste balance full of individuality – with a flavorous range of ingredients.

The burger’s reception commences with a bacon that is vigorous and compelling, the strip of meat – salty, smeared, cooked to a soft crisp, marks each mouthful with a bacon-essence that swathes burger and tongue. A fried egg, duly draped over the patty in a laid clinch between the bacon and cheese, has a pronounced sautéed savor and a faintly creamy noticeable yolk. The meat, fostering a trivial texture with a semblance of moistness that crumbles in dab portions, is a thick patty that accentuates a select beef flavor flaunting adequate hints of salt and peppering.

The produce in this burger has been selected with attention – the range of purples and greens in the lettuce, looseleaf lettuce, adds movement and rouse; and together with the onion and tomato, plump in taste and form, greenness can be found. The bun, ostensibly oversized at first, contracts around the burger with a snug soft breadness that abstains from overpowering the burger’s taste balance. Still, surrounded by select ingredients, a single slice of cheese, a plastic processed cheese, comes as a letdown. Fries are good.

For 145.00 HKD this is a burger one should afford to try. The burger has a bravado of ingredients that make up a great burger taste balance and a burger construction that offers a pleasant experience, one that’ll give opportunity to enjoy a walk around Kennedy Town with a satisfied burger-belly.

G/F Yue On Building
78 – 86 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town
Hong Kong
+852 2485 2345
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