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Texas Burger

Texas BBQ Burger

Texas BBQ Burger


The Texas BBQ Burger from Texas Burger is a decently good hamburger. The burger, titillatingly glistened with a neon luminescence from the electric trace on the wall, staged with a brand of provenance a-top, approaches the table with a persuasive burger ardor of sight and smell. Yet, under the gloaming redness of the shop, as the hamburger rides in closer – questions on how this burger rodeo will fair arise…

The pioneer impression of the burger’s burger construction, with ingredients that seem slightly under ratio, will first leave one as nervous as woodshed waiter; the top half of the hamburger, particularly the bun, enters the roundup like a cowboy, as fat as a town dog, gripping a lesser bucking bull facing all efforts to avoid a tumbling. A cheating stick that follows the width of the hamburger works to quell the uneasiness until its outward slide – with a gentle pull and pray a discovery that the burger construction holds is met with comfort – a feeling that rides ’til the end.

The burger’s burger taste balance counts a contrasting story, a brawny first sway entices one to reverie that the burger may be right as rain, but a progression of the chow reveals slim faults of overcookedness that slight the hamburger. The sole slice of bacon makes a hardy impression with a nice salty savor that looks out for the burger but cracks with a dry crispiness. The fairly sized patty has an honest beef flavor that has been snarled with a tinge of seasoning as to not spoil the burger taste balance; on the other hand, the crumbled texture of the patty, drier than a popcorn fart, does at times feel slightly bare and lumpy.

The bun has a soft texture that snugly saddles the burger even if it feels too big; the onion rings gives the burger a modest crunch with a tasty mushy sweetness while the lettuce feels respectable; and the cheddar cheese is thinly present. The signature smoked jalpeno BBQ sauce is one of the better acts, with a tangy piquant taste, it feels fine as cream gravy. The fries are good.

For 88.00 HKD, if one finds themselves venturing into the east of Hong Kong Island and is in need of a burgerhole, this might be the roadhouse to try – one’ll get some grub with a good serving, and be as happy as a hog in mud before pilgriming on.

Texas Burger
G/F 109 Electric Road
Tin Hau
Hong Kong
+852 2576 9011
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