The Saint (Closed)

Gourmet Burger

Gourmet Burger

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 5.50.59 pmThe Saint’s Gourmet Burger is a decent hamburger. The burger’s first impression, a hamburger that is ready to be taken by a cradling mouthfeel, is one of immediate satisfaction; as burger essences ooze from one layer to another, collecting into a bantam pool of want, a sense of elation causes hunger to forswear. Not until the first bite, the first mouth touch, does the burger begin to reveal its true character, to unravel itself into a mediocre burger taste balance that’ll leave one troweling through a range of ingredients, many that have been seemingly neglected.

The burger, both in its burger taste balance and burger construction, is plagued by a rigid fatigue, by an old dryness that has subsided the freshness and vitality of some ingredients long ago, leaving behind, for the most, only appearances and illusions. The bun enacts one of the principal letdowns, golden and professedly firm with a crumpleness that adheres to the rest of the burger; it exists with a faded texture that, even beyond the release of meaty juices, eventually turns the burger stale. The beef patty is thick and flowing yet thirsty in its chunks, a good beef flavor within the first instances of the burger eventually dwindles into something ominously un-energetic, as if a hard glaciate had withdrawn most of its vigor – leaving a somewhat musty legacy in one’s mouth.

Other aspects of the burger don’t call much attention to themselves, their roles in the burger taste balance pass along without question. The vegetables, the tomato and the lettuce, had the taste one would expect accompanied by a suspicious softness – not a texture one might be looking for. The blue cheese has a fragrant savor that will chance itself the opportunity to overflow the burger, not always in one’s best interests. The bacon, probably the standout ingredient in the burger, exposes itself with an equitable saltness and a thick texture. And the onion rings, oversized with a thick oniony crunch, are a little over the top. The fries are alright.

For 168.00 HKD, plus 10.00 HKD extra for toppings like cheese, bacon and onions rings, this burger is pricey and common; it is a hamburger experience that climaxes on its introduction with its sight, smell and feel, that ultimately abates itself with each bite into becoming a simple decent burger.

The Saint
55 Elgin Street
Soho, Central
+852 2522 2646
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