Gaucho Burger

GauchoThe Gaucho Burger from Gaucho is an unimpressively edible burger. From hamburger taste balance to burger construction, this trifling hamburger defers an accomplished misfortune that is expeditiously established at its first appearance; a downward spiral is re-enforced by what else might arrive at the table, and constantly insulted by the amount of cow that exists, compared to the burger, in the surroundings. This burger is an exemplar example of how an intriguingly worded hamburger is not necessarily rightly executed – a mediocre burger taste balance a meager burger construction lead to pure unadulterated disappointment.

A string of words on the menu will be enough to excite one for this burger’s burger taste balance – ‘a blend of four cuts’, which cuts of meat one does not know, but a patty made from four cuts in an Argentinean steak house… its appealing, enticing, an invigoratingly sounding patty one needs to taste. Once it connects with one’s palate there isn’t much to say. Not much to enjoy except a seasoned blandness that exists within the realms of a boring common carefree houseburger. One would hope ‘smokey bacon’ would enliven the burger’s balance – not smokey, not salty, nor crispy, knowing where the patty ends and bacon starts becomes a cloyed venture lacking bacon excitement.

The more bites one takes into the burger the more the debacle subdues. The caramelized onions don’t entail any semblance of sweetness, and even the strapping white provolone, with a tepid mildness, shows little effort. The lettuce and the tomato have a saving green, but there’s little point to it. Even the sauces on the burger, both the garlic mayo and homemade ketchup, leave an unmemorable impression. One has to look around, one has to consider what’s at hand and MacGyver this burger to make it work – the Chimichurri, herbs and oil rich in flavor – it’s impulsiveness will have something for this hamburger.

The burger’s slight build is enough to chafe one’s empty stomach, the sheer size of the burger seems unworthy of four meat cuts and every morsel taken substantially increases one’s hunger; the burger, professedly tossed on the plate, does hold its shape. The bread, soft and acceptable, maintains the burger with a chewy compression. The fries are alright.

At 230.00 HKD the burger comes as part of a lunch set, unsure if the dinner burger holds the same experience, one can skip this burger… there are better Argentinean burgers in the area.


5/F, LHT Tower
31 Queen’s Road
Hong Kong
+852 2386 8090
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