East Side Tavern

EST's 8oz Big Cheese Burger

EST’s 8oz Big Cheese Burger


East Side Tavern’s EST’s 8oz Big Cheese Burger is an edible hamburger. The burger, as its name suggests, is sure to make an impressive entrance – greeted with an unsightly apathy due to its malformed unwieldiness, it is hard not to uncomfortably glare at this hamburger’s awful hourglass shaped burger construction. With an obliging attitude, never judging a burger’s taste balance by its burger construction, one takes a confident step forward only to find out that this burger’s callous erection reverberates into its burger taste balance.

The bun, an ingredient mis measured to such extent as to ridicule the rest of the burger, becomes a primary focal point upon this hamburger’s arrival; its crumpled texture and flaky exterior gives the impression that this giant has been kept in slumber past its heyday – bites make a bland strenuous revelation of a staleness that is hard too chew. Continuing on this path as one dwells deeper into the burger taste balance, as if a gargantuan ancient was nestling a small gentler creature, a patty which’s radius and thickness grossly overpowered by the bun is encountered; within this patty, topping a plane of bread, an acceptable beef taste with subtle hints of seasoning is flavored while a pink dense chunky texture is grasped.

The rest of the ingredients, sticking out trying to escape the hulking beast-bun hovering above, manage to just lurch their adequacies in the burger taste balance; the bacon, with a pliantly crisp touch of mellow saltiness, provides a plentiful sensation; an overtly melted layer of cheddar cheese which almost seems as to have abated, still remains with its mildness; and the vegetables, tomato, lettuce, and onion, all suffering the span on the bun, offer a copacetic freshness. What these ingredients fail at, together with the bun and patty, and made evident through an invulnerable compression that forces one to constantly fight the burger breadth and chew chew chew as if there’s no tomorrow, is a deplorable burger construction. Frozen fries are pretty OK, with some nice seasoning.

At 168.00 HKD plus 15.00 HKD for the additional bacon, the most exciting aspect of this burger will be the pull and pray that happens as you gently oust the wooden scepter from the heart of this hamburger – afraid as to the burger toppling over itself, one immediately holds fast showing more responsibility for this burger than others have demonstrated.

East Side Tavern
Shop 29, G/F, Empire Centre
68 Mody Road
East Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
+852 2367 8770
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