The Foreign Correspondents’ Club

FCC Burger

FCC Burger

FCC BurgerThe FCC Burger at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club is an edibly unimpressive hamburger. Tremendously boring, outstandingly austere, and immeasurably dry, each impending bite from this burger will suck any moisture in one’s mouth and leave behind an unprincipled burger taste balance; this burger is so dry it could literally be used as a dehumidifier during one of Hong Kong’s hot n’ heavy summers. The hamburger and its ingredients will have you gasping for wetness, for a droplet of liquid to engulf one’s mouth and body. The ingredients don’t manifest into a great burger, and a struggle to finish the hamburger might transpire… however, it hasn’t reached depths of repulsiveness as one, with an empty stomach, mandates to complete the summons.

The bun offers an imposing vista over the burger, its megalomania dominates the plate with a mediocre taste and a parched presence, one that’ll clearly state that the bun means to stay until its death. Deep from within, with a sinister grayness, peers out a shriveled lump; a patty that has been, almost as if there is something to be ashamed of, covered in a shroud of pepper. Together, these two shape up a burger of precipitous construction – a chunk semi-rubbery texture causes the unsavory beef to consistently crumble under the pressure, and the hulking bun, who’s destined to collapse with its grilled undertones that only exist to exacerbate its livelihood, is bound to disintegrate within one’s gentle hands.

There is no savior in this hamburger, other than the bun and patty there are no noticeable residents here; and not even a calculated broadcast of ketchup can conform the burger plight at one’s plate. The vegetables at its side function as a foreboding of the experience to come; a thinly lettuce, a skirmish onion, and a mushy soft tomato – all visibly weak should have been laid to rest time ago, instead they have been made to withstand this desert with little chance of making it through, with their respective flavors unnoticed. The fries are just really alright.

For 65.00 HKD this is one hamburger that can be missed, in any case one would need to be a member of the FCC to actually be able to enjoy this desiccate burger, do not accept a member’s burger invite. When I think of the FCC i’d like to think of it as a place where journalists can hang out after reporting stuffs all day, for their hard efforts I kinda wished they’d be rewarded with a better burger.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club
North Block,
2 Lower Albert Road,
Hong Kong
+852 2521 1511
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2 thoughts on “The Foreign Correspondents’ Club

  1. Paul says:

    I feel there’s a basic problem here – no-one I know orders an unadorned burger at the FCC! The whole point is that you order the extras you desire (bacon, cheese, onions, mushrooms, etc). And it’s daft of you to review an unadorned burger when in every other review you get bacon, cheese, etc which obviously add a lot of moisture. For those too lazy to make choices, the FCC offers its “Full Monty” burger with bacon, cheese and fried onions which, in my view, is an excellent burger.

    And also “fat chips” are preferable to skinny french fries.

    • fkskovmand says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for the comment and the tip on the ‘Full Monty’ burger. I have now confirmed that there is such as burger, a burger that I must have missed or overlooked on my first visit to the FCC… but one that I will add to my hamburger list. Still, I stand by my review – I’ve had unadorned burgers with rich juicy patties and this was not one of them… I write them as they serve them. But I’ll look forward to trying the ‘Full Monty’. Cheers.

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