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Josef’s classic burger from Josef Burger Bar is a decent hamburger. It’s a serviceable burger with plenty of mouthfuls of common flavor that are overshadowed by an off-putting construction that tips the hamburger’s burger taste balance towards bread. It is a burger for which an obese amount of some ingredients suddenly takes over to deliver a messy burger experience. Thus, the ensuing burger struggle, unbalanced taste, and awkward construct places Josef’s burger a little above mediocre.

The first bites of the burger are defined by pure bread, followed by some salad and sauce – loads of sauce, if for anything, this is one saucy burger. It’s all optional though, as this is a hamburger one can pick and choose for. It won’t be until a few mouthfuls when one finally has a chance to taste the double beef patties… The buildup would not have been more exciting if it took one more bite of bread to reach, but it wasn’t; the result is a decently flavored meatloaf beef patty, without a strong taste of clean meat and a mixture of other ingredients. And as one might expect from an overtly seasoned patty, a somewhat rubbery texture.

The rest of the ingredients are experienced in parting bouts, as they appear and disappear from the burger while one contests to keep it together. The sauce intermixture of cream with a large dollop of BBQ and sprinkled coriander and chopped onion freshly explodes from within, engulfing the burger and one’s fingers in a zesty ridden mess – delivering more taste than one would appreciate from any of these. The vegetables – the tomatoes and the lettuce, are crisp and tasty, but one is left with the arduous role of forcing these in place in order to enjoy a three star rating burger taste balance.

This isn’t a bad hamburger, once you figure out to break and reposition the patties as to cover the whole area of the bun; which by the way, has a splendorous spongy feel and taste to it. But the whole process of reconstructing the burger and mediocre ingredients detract from the overall hamburger experience, taking away from its enjoyment.

For NIS 58.00 (HKD 125.50) Josef’s burger is actually worth a try if you’re in the area and desperate for a hamburger. The fries are alright. It’s a neat little experience – enjoying a burger in one of the world’s oldest cities, that like the burger, has been built, destroyed, and rebuilt several times over.

Josef Burger Bar
123 Agripas,

+972 77-527-7070

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