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The Lot on Possession

Number 1

Number 1

The Lot QRThe Lot’s Number 1 hamburger is a decent hamburger. The mid range burger manages to deliver a reasonable burger experience, a satisfactory burger satisfaction that has both good moments and somewhat adequate moments. Not all the ingredients have been treated equally here, and it shows in both its burger taste balance and its burger construct – at the time of this write up, as a new arrival to Sheung Wan, its as if some ingredients are still trying to find their way, their purpose.

The unwieldy presentation will initially raise concerns around proper burger ratios, and as the patty hides in the core of the bun and the bread shows its scalding scars one can only perturb themselves as to what the first bite will be like. The beef patty is one of the few ingredients that has been taken care off – juicy, tenderous, and with a ripe beef taste, it is a noble ingredient within the burger; but not all is lush in this hamburger, the surrounding bun hasn’t been as privileged – covered in burn marks, it is dry with a somewhat stale attitude.

Perusing the rest of the ingredients; the cheese, with a strong extent, lacks any sort of essence; the relish, with an acrid sourness on its own, luckily doesn’t particularly give much back to the team; and the rich buttery herb mayo, could have made its presence better known. The vegetables, appropriately sufficient, deliver a somewhat fresh experience with particularly juicy tomatoes.

Once one gets into the hamburger, considering the burger construction, the burger proportions aren’t as amateurish as they seem. However, the shoddily fabricated burger ingredients, a dried bun that departs as a terribly soft mediumly rare patty releases its juices  to break through, signify a somewhat troublesome burger holding experience – one is to be careful as to not cause to much compression onto this burger, as one squeeze to hard may cause a spilling discard. The spicy wedges weren’t that spicy but good.

For 118.00 HKD plus 25.00 HKD for the fries, and with not many options in the Sheung Wan area, this is a burger that one might give at least a single opportunity; though it is obvious that it still needs some learning to do – oddly enough it has no bacon, one can only hope that this burger will bloom to live up to its name, though unlikely – to become the number one burger in the lot.

The Lot on Possession 
22 Possesion Street,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong
+852 2576 7700
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The Diner

The DIner

The Diner

The Diner QRThe Diner’s diner burger is a pretty unexceptionally edible hamburger. Unlikely to fulfill any such desires for that Americana burger dinner feel, the burger, lacks any form of excitement; in its burger taste balance in its burger construction in its menu listing, there isn’t much that this hamburger does to impress… on the other hand, the burger doesn’t reach the depths of an unsavory outrage. Put very simply – the burger is just plain and boring, as monotonous as a burger could ever dread to be.

The hamburger’s appearance, though somewhat messy at its core, seems decent enough upon its approach. It is when one begins to manhandle and mouth this hamburger that a collapsable tedium ensues; the burger feels awkward as the two 3 .oz patties, which poorly sealed assimilate each other into a malformed untextured beef, fail to reach the surrounding bun-border. Further into the burger, as the bun begins to tear itself and the patties to break apart, the pitiable burger construction comes alive and the mis-proportions pertinent.

The bland burger taste balance isn’t truly encountered on the first bite, instead, an overwhelming sour tingle from a heavy-handed mustardly taste. Glancing over the menu it is clear that mustard is the condiment of choice at this diner; while mustard can be a great companion to any burger, what is lacking here is a balance from the other ingredients. Once one’s savory senses adjust to the mustard, one confronts the boredom of this burger. Incased in a bun that feels dry, the two patties, perhaps lacking a sense of salt and seasoning, unsuccessfully deliver that radiating USDA angus beef taste. This seems to be the story of this burger, ingredients that lamentably almost seems absent – one can barely hint at the two slices of monterey jack cheese and can fail to distinguish the ‘diner’ sauce, one can’t perceive the caramelized onions, and can narrowly relish the bed of un-crisp vegetables. The bacon, which does have a slight of taste, is a tad chewy and stringy. The fries are alright.

For 135.00 HKD this won’t be a great American burger one might be looking for in Hong Kong, one should really be expecting a diner’s burger that, while it may not have the best ingredients, delivers a not too shabby burger experience.

The Diner
G/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road,
Hong Kong
+852 2562 3181


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